Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Welcome to the Dirty Secrets Club

~ Tell us the title:
The Dirty Secrets Club

~ Who penned this work?:
Meg Gardiner

~ How did this piece find it's way to your nightstand?:
Library Convention

~ Number of pages:

~ Time passed from start to finish?:
2 days

~ Describe the cover:
Shiny deep red with bold black letters

~ In what section of the bookstore would a reader find this?:
Fiction, thriller, murder mystery

~ Summary of the basic plot:
Forensic psychiatrist Jo Beckett is hired by the SFPD to help solve a string of mysterious deaths.

~ Background information on the story/author:
This is the first in a series of novels involving Jo Beckett.

~ What did you think of it? (your general response, what you liked or didn't like, what you learned, anything else you want to share about it):
It was a nice quick read, definitely unique in the world of 'thriller' stories. The main characters were fleshed out pretty well, and all really likable. There were a LOT of twists, especially at the end, and to be honest it felt like one too many. A few is a pleasant surprise, but by the end of the story I kept saying 'seriously??? Another one?' It was also nice to read a story with current references (Ms. Gardiner is younger than the typical thriller writer), but they also went a little too far and it felt like she was emphasizing them just a touch too much. All in all an enjoyable read, though.

~ If the story was made into a movie, who would you cast as the main characters?
Jo Beckett would be played by Yolanthe Cabau van Kasbergen. Yes, she's a dutch soap opera star, and I just googled brown curly hair actress and she popped up, but she actually looks exactly like I imagine that the character does.

~ Share a quote that was worth reading twice. Explain why:
The author really likes to use ridiculous analogies, which I kind of enjoyed. For example "He was so clean and so sober that you could scrub him against a brick wall and scrape off graffiti."

~ Choose your rating:

- Changed. My. Life.
- I laughed, I cried, I want you to read it
- A definite page-turner
- Good to check out but don't spend the cash.
- Why did I waste my weekend on this?
- A disgrace to paper everywhere

~ Flip to page 2, 22, or 202. Share the 7th sentence on the page.
"Bodies, clothing, jewelry, lives -- all went horribly awry in the milliseconds of impact."

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