Sunday, March 21, 2010

Follow Dekalb Through The City

~ The title:
Monster Island: A Zombie Novel (OoOoo...)
~ Who penned this work?:
David Wellington
~ How did this piece find it's way to your nightstand?:
Laura found it at the library book sale
~ Number of pages:
~ Time passed from start to finish?:
Total about two weeks. I had to take a break for a week and half in there though because I couldn't read it alone. It was scary and I'm a weenie.
~ Describe the cover:
A greenish shot of NYC with the title in huge red letters
~ In what section of the bookstore would a reader find this?:
Fiction. I don't think they have a zombie section.
~ Summary of the basic plot:
Pretty standard for a zombie novel. Some disease appeared, turned people into zombies, they took over, we read the story of some survivors. It differs a bit though in the circumstances of the survivors (searching for drugs at the UN for a military leader in Africa), and twists in the plot line (a man who used medical technology to become a unique kind of zombie with cognition still intact...and an evil agenda).
~ Background information on the story/author:
The story apparently started as a series of online chapters that were then turned into this, the first novel in a trilogy. The author has a masters degree in creative writing and works as an archivist for the UN.
~ What did you think of it? (your general response, what you liked or didn't like, what you learned, anything else you want to share about it):
It was O.K. The story line was a little weird, and quickly turned pretty bizarre. I also hated the way it the plot unfurled I found myself mentally fighting the direction it took, grudgingly reading page after page. Character development was rather inconsistent, and it seemed that for his level of writing he fleshed out too many characters for him to handle.
~ Which page was your favorite? Share why:
Didn't have a favorite. Maybe the last page, but only because the book was over.
~ If the story was made into a movie, who would you cast as the main characters?
I don't think the characters were developed well enough for me to answer that.
~ Share a quote that was worth reading twice. Explain why:
I didn't find any as I was reading.
~ Choose your rating:
- Changed. My. Life.
- I laughed, I cried, I want you to read it
- A definite page-turner
- Good to check out but don't spend the cash (thank goodness I only spent 2 bucks)
- Why did I waste my weekend on this?
- A disgrace to paper everywhere
~ Flip to page 2, 22, or 202. Share the 7th sentence on the page.
"As for me, Osman took one look at my slept-in clothes and my haggard face and shook his head."

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