Monday, June 7, 2010

it's simple...

~ Tell us the title: keeping life simple
~ Who penned this work?: Karen Levine
~ Number of pages: 154
~ Time passed from start to finish?: 2 days
~ Describe the cover: Very simple. Paper-bag brown with a green and white daisy illustration, title, author and short description
~ In what section of the bookstore would a reader find this?: Not sure actually...probably the gift section or perhaps a self-help(ish) type section.
~ Summary of the basic plot: There is not really a plot. The book contains guidelines, tips and ideas for keeping life simple.
~ Background information on the story/author: Well, the author is a contributing editor to Parents magazine, which I was not surprised to discover once I had finished the book...
~ What did you think of it? I really enjoyed what a light,quick and somewhat inspiring read it was. I also liked how many ideas it shared, however, I was expecting a little more substance. The first chapter contains some great guiding principles and an action step to take towards making those principles a bigger part of your life, but that is where that discussion ends. The rest of the book is a list of tips broken down into different categories. I think one of the biggest things I realized, though, is that the book is written from the perspective of a mother. This was quite obvious to me as I read through the book and I struggled to relate at times. It still contained lots of great ideas, but for me it was a struggle to keep focused.
~ Which page was your favorite? Share why: I don't think I really have a favorite page in this book. I suppose I enjoyed the first several pages the most.
~ If the story was made into a movie, who would you cast as the main characters? Um, That movie would not make money.
~ Share a quote that was worth reading twice. Explain why: "Remember, you really do have the capacity to make choices. And that is the key to your simpler life." This really stuck out to me because I have been pondering the power of choice lately and I found this to be one of the most simple, yet powerful quotes in the book.
~ Choose your rating:
- Changed. My. Life.
- I laughed, I cried, I want you to read it
- A definite page-turner
- Good to check out but don't spend the cash. (unless you are a mom and want tons of ideas for making your life more simple)
- Why did I waste my weekend on this?
- A disgrace to paper everywhere
~ Flip to page 2, 22, or 202. Share the 7th sentence on the page. Page 222 does not exist and there is a chart on page 22, so here we go: "On the pragmatic level, we hope to help you simplify your life by offering tips and hints for accomplishing tasks and chores more efficiently."

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